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We are propagators of the philosophy that life is beautiful. Therefore, our focus remains to conserve, retain and nurture the gifted resources of our lives. The love for all things natural is the force behind Leya. Our fabrics are made by weavers, and dyed azo-free by community artisans across India. We absolutely love playing with the natural fall of fabrics; with a variation on standard cuts, by reviving the fabric’s existing beauty.

Leya is a dream, a dream in which fashion is even more beautiful when it isn’t causing damage to Mother Earth. Our brand is committed to making garments using ethical means, that create negligible pollutants, and ensure minimal wastage. Leya garments embrace you with a stylish warmth. Each of our garments is a piece of art, that is unique and chic.

We at Leya are determined is to make this beautiful planet—our home—a better place for the future generations. By purchasing a Leya garment, you have stepped into that dream with Leya. Together, let us turn this dream into a reality, and make our planet cleaner, greener, abundant and more stylish!

Leya about us

Artisans Made

our products are handmade with love by a community of weavers, and tie and dyers. This kind of work has been carried on in their families from generations.


Ready to be Dipped in Veg Dye

Shibori Tye and Dye Prepared

Hand Block Getting Crafted

Fabrics Getting Sun Dried

Fabrics Getting Stitched

Earth Friendly Process

We use indian cotton that uses the natural rainfall. Our natural dyes are made by recycled with Common Effluent Treatment Plant technique. We are also concious of wastage while making therefore use a dressmaker to cut and sew thus minimizing wastage on sizing.

Committed to and Affiliated by

‘From our common future – Sustainable development was defined for the first time as.. “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” ‘ —Brundtland commission 1987

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